About our training and us:

Our Software and Computational skills training workshops help researchers gain the skills needed to increase the efficiency and efficacy of their computational skills; write share and publish reliable software; and pick the correct tool to analyse research data of any size from kilobyte to terabyte. This increases productivity and improves the reproducibility of research outputs.

All our trainers are Research Software Engineers, these courses are not “do as we say” they are “do as we do”. Each of the tools we teach we have used; We have experience applying the tools in real research settings and can answer questions about research use cases. We understand the interface between software best-practice and research practicality, as that is what we do all day every day. In addition, we have personally tailored or designed these courses to use examples that will feel familiar to researchers. Finally, as a group, we are multi-disciplinary – working on projects from criminology, biology, engineering, politics, and many many more, we know the many shapes of research and will help you find and apply the best tools to make your research the best it can be.

What do people say about our training:

If I’d attended this session at the start of my PhD, I’d have been done in half the time!

Feedback from our Bash (Novice) course about our content, 10/08/2022

Philly was amazing, very calm and good speed to follow.

Feedback from our R (Novice) course about our delevery, 17/08/2022

Sam was very good at taking questions from the chat and answering them which was really helpful. I was able to follow along very well and appreciated the few breaks to catch up on things.

Feedback from our Git (Novice) course about our interaction, 11/08/2022

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If you want to know more about our training, suggest a new course you would like us to offer, or book some bespoke training then get in touch.