Our Computational Research Skills workshops help researchers write, share, and publish reliable software, develop robust data analysis pipelines, and improve productivity and the reproducibility of research outputs.

The courses are “hands on”, so participants learn the practice of computational research skills alongside the theory. Our trainers are either Research Software Engineers or researchers with significant experience of computational research, who have worked across a broad range of disciplines. We teach the tools that we use in our own research, so we have the experience needed to answer questions from learners about research use cases.

Since 2014, we have taught 42 workshops to over a thousand postgraduate researchers, academic staff and industry researchers. We have developed training materials and conducted training for 8 Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), as well as for companies such as AstraZeneca, and international research collaborations such as the Legacy Survey of Space and Time.

For more information about our training courses, please visit our detailed course description page.


‘If I’d attended this session at the start of my PhD, I’d have been done in half the time!’

Feedback from Automating Tasks with the Unix Shell, 10/08/2022

‘This was a truly excellent course – so helpful! I will be recommending it to everyone’

Feedback from Data Cleaning with OpenRefine, 04/10/2022

‘Just brilliant. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you, and thank you for dedicating your time to teaching others this. It will for sure be very helpful!’

Feedback from Computational Research Skills Workshop, 03/07/2023

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