The Southampton Research Software Group (SRSG) was one of the first Research Software Engineers (RSE) Groups set up in the UK. It is the base of operations for the campaign that helped recognise research software engineering across the world. As such, the SRSG can offer not just a range of exciting projects within the University of Southampton, but also the perfect opportunity to get involved with the wider RSE community.

We plan to grow significantly over the next few years to meet the demand for RSE expertise from the University, so we also offer the potential for the new recruit to advance their career as the SRSG grows. You will have the opportunity to work with the Software Sustainability Institute which is co-located with the SRSG. The Institute is the world-leading authority on research software. It plays a key role in helping the research community recognise the role of software in research and in adopting practices that lead to reliable and reproducible research.

Current Opportunities

Research Software Engineer (2 posts)

Senior Research Software Engineer (HPC Specialist) (3 posts)

All posts offer part-time or remote working (within the UK). Occasional travel to the University of Southampton may be required.