Software Community

The Southampton Research Software Community brings together hundreds of University of Southampton staff and students with one thing in common: they are researchers who write software, and depend on it for their research.

The inaugural lunch meeting was attended by more than 70 researchers who write code as part of their research. Prior to the event we surveyed attendees to learn about their backgrounds and hopes for the group.

We’re building a community which brings these researchers together to share skills and ideas. This community allows everyone – from beginner to expert – to benefit from the experience of their peers. The community is relevant anyone who writes software (Python, R, Fortran, C, MatLab, etc.), whether it’s all, or just part of what they do at the University. 

Regardless of programming experience or academic discipline, the Research Software Community will help you meet colleagues who will help you to write better software and conduct better research. 

You can read the full write-up here.